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Dianabol 20
Dianabol 20
Methandienone Bayer 10 Mg - Methandienone 10 mg

Methandienone Bayer 10 Mg - Methandienone 10 mg


Methandienone is an orally applicable steroid with a great effect on protein metabolism.



  • Product: Methandienone 10 mg
  • Category: Oral Steroids
  • Ingridient: Methandienone
  • Manufacture: Hilma Biocare
  • Qty: 100 tabs
  • Item price: $0.47





“On Friday July 24th, I commenced my workout program, once a week with Anita. Well, let me tell you, my first session I was questioning the previous workouts I did by myself, as well as how am I going to get through this. So I picked my ego off the floor and continued on.

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Restor has a complex formula of ingredients to help alleviate stress and keep a relaxed state of mind. From the Ashwagandha that'll help keep those cortisol levels low and decrease the level of anxiety, to the L-Theanine that'll keep you relaxed and focused; this product has something to benefit everyone from college students to parents!

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